Best Friendship Day Messages And HD Images 2018

Eagerly waiting for FRIENDSHIP DAY to complement your best buddies and pay tribute to their FRIENDSHIP…! Well this post is to suggest you the best ways of greeting your friends. Some people have friends for a reason while others just have FRIENDS for no reason. 
 There is always a confusion between love and friendship… In-order to clear this confusion one day love and Friendship met and had a conversation like this:
So what are you waiting for…the best way to felicitate your on this special FRIENDSHIP DAY is by expressing your feelings to them in the most unique way…i.e., through messages.

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A wonderful miracle created by God i.e., FRIENDSHIP That always dwells in my heart You never when it gives its start But FRIEND….your presence in my life has always given me a special lift And when I analysed this special feeling I realised that this special feeling is FRIENDSHIP which has become the most precious gift of my life…. Sometimes we have a friend who gives us a feel that our souls are closely connected though we are seven seas apart. We may not talk on phone hours together, may not meet each other for years together but gives us the confidence that we can pick up from where we left off. They are nothing but FRIENDS FOREVER…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..! Dear Best FRIEND,You can have as many friends in your life as possible Love as many people as you want But don’t you dare to give my place to anyone Else I will kill you

ALWAYS MY BOLSTER:Whenever I feel I am lost and there is no way except a dead end…I look back and I find you just one step away,Whenever I feel that the world is bigger than my dreams…I look back and I find you just behind me,Whenever failure is my biggest fear…I look back and I find you extending your hand towards me to make me walk in the path of success….YOUR FRIENDSHIP IS MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT MY BUDDY..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..!  

Friendshipday cartoon Images

Best Friendshipday Images

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