Friendship Day 2018

If you have got some best friends in your life, FriendshipDay 2018 is the best time to tell them how much you love them in your life and how incomplete you are without friends. Its the time for you celebrate your friendship and on August 5th, the official friendship day this year, your can plan these friendship day activities. Here's some of the ways to celebrate Friendship Day.

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Plan out a day - a random day

Time is what we people don't have these days. The best way to celebrate Friendship Day 2018 will be to give your friends some time. Plan out a complete day with your best buddies, watch a movie, go and hang out in a restaurant, discover a new place, sit in a lonely place with your friends and make fun of each other. These will be memories that you will cherish for your lifetime.

 Design a card, buy some friendship day gifts

You can either make a card for your friend or buy one and write some of the best moment you have shared with him/her in it. Go to market and buy a friendship band that you feel will suit your friend's wrist. Also, if thats a girl - what's better than a chocolate. Buy too many of them and keep surprising her every second hour. Gift here one after the other, but not all at the same time.

Camp out

What about switching your phone off and keeping all your gadgets locked in, and going to a camp out somewhere with your friends without any planning. Just to enjoy the day. Make it as less disturbing as possible, go and have a peg with him, enjoy the day.

Plan a home part

You can plan a home party with some musics, lots to eat, chips, chocolate, cold-drinks, burgers, pizzas, and much more. Also, try to gather as many friend as possible. This could be a great way to celebrate Friendship Day for 2018.

 What if you are away!

If your best friends stay far from you and the reunion is sort of impossible, make sure the amazon guy delivers a beautiful card on time along with some chocolates. Also, don't forget to call him/her and talk for an hour, send some texts reminding the best time you have spend. Also, making him/her realize there are many more to come and how much important place your friends hold in your life.

Make them feel they are part of your life. This way, you can celebrate Friendship Day in the best way for this year.

Do you have any other idea? Tell us in the comments.


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