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Hey guys Happy Friendship Day 2018!!!! Friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of every August. In 2018, we will celebrate Friendship Day on 5th of August. It all started in 1935 in US to honors friends and gradually with time it became famous and gained popularity all across the world. It is celebrated in whole world including in India. On this day friends spend time with their best friends, enjoy all day and remember the old time spent together. So share Friendship Day Images 2018 with all your friends on the beautiful day of friendship. We have a great collection of Friendship Day Quotes 2018, Friendship Day Lines 2018, Friendship Day Greetings 2018, Friendship Day Whatsapp Status, Friendship Day Pictures 2018, Friendship Day Jokes 2018, Friendship Day SMS 2018 and Friendship Day Text Messages 2018. To help a friend who is in trouble, never ask him if you could help him , as may be he will hesitate to ask for it or may he won’t ask, so always do one thing find a appropriate solution for the problem and guide him. Happy Friendship Day !!!!

We say a relation between a heart and another heart is love, but the relation between a heart and a heartbeat is friendship. Friendship is not about drinking coffee together, riding bikes, sharing jokes or stories. It is all about being honest to each other and understand each other space, which we will celebrate on this Friendship Day. It is a fact that only your best will know your problem even when you will say that you are fine and everything is good, then he will hold your hand and asks your to tell him the truth. Friendship is a thread which had and always ties all the hearts together. The only person to you better than yourself is your friend and still don’t care for your negative points and still love you as always did.

 Special HD Images For Facebook

If ever you see any your friend tensed, just give them a tight hug for sometime and see how their expressions changes and we would like to honor that friendship on this Friendship Day 2018. Download Images and Pictures in high quality and share them with your friends or upload them as your display pic.

Special HD Images and Pictures for Facebook

Share the high quality images on your wall and tag your best friends. Make them remember your old days and laugh with you. They will have a big smile on their face when you will share these pictures with them.


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