One of the most faithful and loyal relationship among people living near or at far off places is FRIENDSHIP. Apart from having many relations in life FRIENDSHIP is one of the most valued relationship. None of our lives is complete unless we have a person to share every minute thing of our life. A good and a balanced human interaction is very important for the survival of a person. And such a balanced lifestyle can be attained only with the help of a FRIEND…

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 A true FRIEND is the most precious God has ever given us. A FRIEND is someone who is never jealous about your growth or success but rather feels that she herself has succeeded, she herself has achieved something. A FRIEND is someone who yells at you like mother, fights with you like a sister, irritates and knocks you down like a brother and always puts you grounded, who consoles, protects and gives you confidence like a father and above they want you the way you are.
 FRIENDSHIP is a divine relation between two people. FRIENDSHIP is another name of trust and loyalty. It’s just not the mere understanding of your FRIEND’S tastes but rather understanding every minute minus in her and still loving her for the way she is. Loving your FRIEND’S plus and minus earns you ultimate respect in your FRIEND’S heart. 
 Dear FRIEND I have a lot to be thankful for The memories through tears And all those times together, full of laughter and full of tears… HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..!
 A FRIEND is someone who you can be alone with And have nothing to do and not able to think of anything But still feel comfortable in the silence…. Thank you for making even that silence even more wonderful… FRIENDS need not always be together in the same place. Even though they are far away from each other with a distance of seven seas between them FRIENDSHIP always has the capability of starting off from where they have ended.
 I have always shared with you not just awesome selfies But also some of my life’s most precious memories Our FRIENDSHIP runs so deep through my heart and soul You just can’t even imagine how important you are to me I just don’t care about anything else except having you around Because only your smiles have the power to wipe away all my frowns.. A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY MY FRIEND…! 

 These are from our side. What are you waiting for…! Just forward these images to your loved ones to express your love towards them.


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