Happy Friendship Day Jokes, Funny Messages, Pictures

Friendship day is a most awaited day of the year and everyone wants to celebrate this with its own way. On this day people helps of social media to wish their friends this day when you can lot of Happy Friendship DayQuotes, Friendship day wallpaper and Happy Friendship day Greeting, Friendship Day Images which will definitely help you to wish your friends. Friendship is a very beautiful relation between two or more friendship and it is a very precious gift from God.

A true Friend always stands with you when time is good or bad. This is a most valuable day for those people who believe in true friendship. In True friendship, you can share your emotions and feelings without any hesitation. Every year this day is celebrated on first Sunday of August. Be ready guys this it will be celebrated on 5th August. To wish your friends here we are sharing Happy Friendship Day Messages which you will quite like.

Happy Friendship Day Funny Messages

Making a million Friends is not a Miracle, The miracle is to make a friend… who will stand by U when millions are against you. Wish u a very Happy Friendship Day !
 Distance never separates any relation Time never build any relation. If Feelings are True from Heart, Then Friends are always ‘Friends’ forever.
 The most important part about reaching the highest point in friendship… isn’t getting to the top, it’s staying there
 Life is like a novel. Many chapters read and forgotten. But there is one I won’t forget. It’s the chapter “I met u and we became friends”.
 Friendship is not collection of hearts but it is selection of hearts. All friends are not True. But true friends are very few, Which includes you…
 Look Outside it’s So Pleasant! Sun Smiling 4 U ! Trees Dancing 4 U ! Birds Singing 4 U ! Because I Asked Them All 2 Wish You “A Happy Friendship Day”
 A lovely star dropped on earth one night. Asked me u want a million dollar or a good friend? I have chosen to have million dollars. Because I already have you
 Friendship is not a collection of hearts but it is a selection of hearts. All friends are not True.
50 years from now, I'd be so old I might forget u. I might not remember ever knowing u, or might forget I once cared for u. I might.. but I won't.

I admit I'll never be the perfect friend. I'll never be there always. I may not make u smile at times but there is one thing I admit I could do. To be the person I could be for u.
I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling, but I realized that loving a friend is even better. We lose people we love, but v never lose true friends.
A good friend is like a computer; me 'enter' ur life, 'save' u in my heart, 'format' ur problems, 'shift' u 2 opportunities & never 'delete' u from my memory!
A friend is never a coincidence in ur life, they r meant to enter ur life to bring u joy & laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship between us.
A best friend is somebody who knows every last thing about u, yet still manages to like u anyway.
There r many stars but the moon is u, there are many friends but the best is u,, To forget me that’s up to u,,, To forget u I will never ever do.



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