Happy Friendship Day Text Messages

Its high time for FRIENDSHIP DAY. The perfect day to reach out to all your FRIENDS and celebrating their FRIENDSHIP. We always feel that we should be the first to wish our FRIENDS and make them know how special they are to us. But the night before FRIENDSHIP DAY is quite a busy night. You can't connect to your FRIENDS to wish them personally. One great alternative sending a short SMS to your FRIEND and express your true feelings towards him/her.

A BEST FRIEND is always the one who fills the space of relation you are lacking and fulfills every promise he/she has made to you and always sticks to the word in every walk your life. He/she may not be perfect in every way but they are true to you and your love. Its just because FRIENDSHIP is not a relation which needs to be perfect it just needs to be true.

FRIENDSHIP just does not mean hanging out together, exchanging each others stuff, gossiping etc.., Its about how loyal and faithful you are to your FRIEND, how carefully you are understanding each others differences, to how much extent you are able to accept those differences.

As we grow up or priority and requirement about a FRIEND keeps changing. Every one has one different FRIEND in every stage of life. But having he same FRIEND in all the stages of life is beyond perfect.

So make this FRIENDSHIP DAY a perfect time to wish your FRIENDS with the most beautiful friendship day wishes.

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Some FRIENDS will touch your life along the way....but only TRUE FRIENDS will touch your heart whether near you, with you or at a far off place.... Thank you for being such a beautiful FRIEND....
A FRIEND never fades out like the storm or distance but rather builds up the bond as distance increases....Thank you for being the unfaded part of my life...!
I might run out of cute graphics to show you...but I will never run out of this....i.e., the love and care I show on you.... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!
The moment where FRIENDSHIP starts... FRIENDSHIP starts when the other person says "I thought I was the only stupid....but you too are the same..." HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!
FRIENDS are like mangoes you never which is sweet and which one is not....But I am lucky to find the sweetest mango in YOU....! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..!
DEAR FRIEND, I don't need words to express I don't need tears to shed I don't need to ask for a smile Or a hand to hold me.... All I want is to just be your FRIEND.... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!
DEAR FRIEND, I might not have told you...but you are one the biggest treasures I ever had...I cherish every moment of being your FRIEND.... HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!

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