How To Celebrate Friendship Day In India?

Friendship day is cheerful day and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August month every year. This year, Friendship day is being celebrated on August 5th, 2018. Friendship is not a national holiday but is made a day of importance by it's official declaration by the Hallmark in 1919. To celebrate Friendship many friends, school mates and old friends opt to go out on some tour or events and spend and enjoy together. This year too, there are many events in the Urban Metros that you can attend to, and this year is going to be some Happy Friendship Day 2018 with your friends. How to Celebrate ?

There is not one particular way to enjoy with your friends because each group of friends have their own places to get together. Some most of the common ways are Wishing your friend through friendship day Quotes and messages, Sending 140 characters SMS to friends and Loved ones, Keeping a Happy Friendship Day status for Whatsapp and FB and also Sharing Friendship HD Images and Wallpapers with their friends. As these are some in home indoor activities, every group would want to go out and spend the time at a bar or restaurant. What's great? Long distance friends can meet each other at popular events and have a fun night. 

Friendship Day in India :

 In India we celebrate friendship day on first Sunday of August. The inaugural Friendship day was began by US congress on 1935 as to make a treaty with all countries around the first world war. Friends are more important to us in our life to share our personal things, happiness, sad everything with them. Not all friends are personal but we beloved to some of them we share our feelings everything with them. A friend plays an important role in our life. Where to Celebrate ?

Events in India for friendship day, Best places in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad to hang out with friends on Friendship day 2018 :

People throughout the world wait for the moment to meet their old friends and celebrate friendship day. It doesn't have a specific date of celebration but we celebrate it on the first Sunday of August. Many of our friends these days stay in touch with us only through Social networking but there will always be some hardship to go and meet them. Almost all the metropolitan lives are the same. So, take a break and meet that old friend who was the best and all the friends who supported you in your tough times.

Most Urban Metropolitan cities in India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi host events for party goers with both Alcoholic and Non alcoholic parties for different people. Most of the software employees attend these events for a daily break from their routine.


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