Some lovely quotes on Friendship Day 2018

It is the first Sunday of August that marks Friendship Day for all of us around the world. People take to different expressions to show their love and gratitude to special friends. Enjoy this day and make time out not just spending time with friends but making them realize what they mean to you.

If your friend, who with genuine kindness, stood by you during your rough patch giving you strength, you ought to recognize this gem of a friend this friendship day in your own thoughtful style.

 Happy Friendship Day 2018

"A true friend is a person like You - honest, trustworthy and always there."
"Friendship is the most beautiful equation to be in with someone. It can make any relation glow with beauty and love, like mine and yours"
 "My friend is my guide who knows when to support me by watching and when to hold my hand"
"Friendship is a feeling of like-mindedness, respect and liberation. You are free to be who you want to be and the other is there to support you, nurture you and appreciate you."
 "Friendship is what we seek in every relationship. But friends who are our greatest support, become more than blood relationships."
 "A Friend is someone who knows how to make you smile and laugh, just so easily"
"Friend stays with you till its meant to be. School, College, Work. But Friendship stays with us forever"
 "Sometimes a friend teaches you something so well that even a teacher is unable to match. It could be love, it could be hard work or even good manners."
 "I know you taught me a lot. I even copied your handwriting. But what I couldn't copy was your DNA. Friend you still are an inspiration."
 "Friendship Day is a beautiful excuse to do something small but significant enough to get noticed by a special friend and be noted as love and gratitude."
 "Facebook may result in new friendships. But it can certain nourish old friendships. To have you in my Facebook, makes me feel blessed, that you still are and forever will be my cherished friend."
 "A true friend is like a leaf from one's life. He or she has helped us move on in life. Let us thank our friends on Friendship day for all their unconditional love and support." 
"Friend is like a flower. As long as you're are with your friend, you will feel blessed, light and relaxed."
 "Being friend of a person maybe a matter of destiny. But appreciating the greatness in one's friend is a matter of integrity and good character"
 "Friendship is the best ship, the best cruise literally. I could be forever on it.


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